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Gracie Barra Online Show 2013

GB Online Show 2013

GB Online Show 2013

This webinar will be available to all GB Premium Schools

Gracie Barra is hosting one more webinar Friday, Jan 4th at 10am.

Prof. Flavio Almeida is hosting a very special webinar with Professors Marcio Feitosa & Marco Joca to provide a retrospective of 2012 and where GB is heading in 2013.

Mark your calendars and get your year started off in the right direction.

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2 responses to “Gracie Barra Online Show 2013”

  1. Cole Manson says:

    Hello Profs,
    My name is Coach Cole Manson from GB Whistler. I will soon be ready to become a Premium school in 2013. Who can i talk to about this further? Prof. Rodrigo has explained many details to me, but i still have many questions and he will not be back from Brasil for a few weeks yet. I hope to learn more about GB. May i please join this webinar in the mean time? Thank you, Feliz anno novo!

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