New Gracie Barra School in Newcastle City, Australia

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Gracie Barra Continues Australia Expansion  

Gracie Barra Australia

Good news to all Gracie Barra fans in Australia. Gracie Barra Newcastle City recently held its grand opening late in the quarter of this year. Heading the Aussie black belt ranks is 3rd degree black belt Professor Gustavo Pinto with a solid 22 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1993, receiving his black belt on his 10th year of training. “I have been training BJJ since 1993 and after 10 years I achieved the black belt training under Master Sergio Lisboa (5th degree) and I received my black belt from Oswaldo Alves (Red belt 9th degree).”

One of his notable records is staying undefeated in his weight class in Australia for a total of 7 years. He also represented Gracie Barra Australia in the Abu Dhabi Worlds back in 2009.

“The BJJ here is booming as everywhere else in the world and every year we have bigger number of competitors and students,” he mentions when asked about the current BJJ scene in Australia.

According to news, the team that heads the Australia Gracie Barra movement will have more schools to be built for the year 2013.

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