Sharing Your Knowledge: The Brown Belt Entrepreneur – Patience

Entrepreneur Boot Camp – Knowledge Sharing is Jiu Jitsu


You finally got to that Brown Belt. Here the stakes are even higher, you know so and appreciate the challenge because this is the path to the Black Belt.

The Brown Belt in BJJ: The brown belt understands that he/she needs to help improve his training partners knowledge and skills so he/she can benefit from it. At this level you become mature and start to play an important role of leadership on the mats.

The Brown Belt Entrepreneur: He/she also knows the importance of playing a role of leadership in front of his/her business. He/she is always looking to help improve his partners knowledge and skills in order to have a well trained and high skilled team. He/she start to delegate some work in order to accomplish higher goals. Shares his/her knowledge and embraces new ideas.

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