GB Interview: The Gracie Lifestyle with Caroline Gracie

The pursuit of happiness lies in finding a purpose in life that is larger than you as an individual. “Caroline Gracie


Last week Gracie Mag USA launched a new feature with our beloved Carol Gracie , the daughter of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

The program’s name is Lifestyle with Carol Gracie with its main focus being to bring stories about health and wellness that are relevant to the followers of the Jiu – Jitsu lifestyle. Gracie Mag provided outstanding material and the feature is already a huge success. In addition to that, putting the unbelievably charming Carol on the small screen can’t possibly go wrong, right?

Sweet and feminine, enchantingly beautiful and very charismatic , Caroline carries within her an incredible amount of energy and vigor, always ready to win and take on the world. We are already familiar with the characteristic of the Gracie family members for making history , so it is not surprising that this time it is Carol’s turn to establish her presence and leave her mark on the world .

An avid follower of a healthy lifestyle , our muse adheres to an intense routine of many physical activities, such as yoga , jiu – jitsu , fitness , outdoor activities like paddle boarding , surfing , hiking and others. She always tries to eat well and strives to consume foods that provide enough energy but are easy to digest.

She holds a Purple belt in jiu – jitsu , loves to train and sees many benefits in jiu – jitsu for women .

“For me , the most important ones are self -confidence ,self- defense , physical fitness , strength , balance, flexibility , sociability , leadership and entertainment . ”



1 – What is your philosophy in life ?

I believe that to live an active life in its fullness you need to take care of the mind and body . It’s impossible to exist without one or the other. For me the pursuit of happiness lies in finding a purpose in life that is larger than you as an individual. And health is fundamental in this. Maintaining the mind and body healthy , enables the individual to fulfill their social role , remain active in society through their work , and their family, performing activities that benefit others as well as themselves.

2 –What lessons did you learn from your father about health and lifestyle ?

I learned that when it comes to health you are what you eat . And that my food is my medicine in the sense that eating well can prevent many diseases and not only increase longevity but what is most important in my opinion – healthy aging keeps us active and feeling good for many years .

3 – What does being healthy mean according to you ?

It means leading a full and active life. And feeling good about yourself.

4 – How did the idea of this program came to be?

The idea of the program came from watching the growing public interest in becoming more informed about health and wellness , which are very much linked to lifestyle of Jiu – Jitsu . An athlete has to eat well and maintain a flawless physical regime to achieve maximum performance. Our program seeks to establish a connection between what top athletes do and the daily routine of ordinary people so they can reap the same benefits. The feature we’ve put together is full of information and health tips that are applied by athletes or members of the Gracie family and any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in their own daily grind, but anyone can follow and implement the same to improve their quality of life .



5 – What is the main message you want to spread with the program?

We want to encourage people to lead a healthy and active life. And it shows them that there are thousands of ways to do this. To be healthy without going to extremes is possible.

6 – What is your favorite feature of the program?

I like everything about it. Its varied scope allows me to work outside the office, spend a lot of time outdoors and go to different places, interview interesting people etc.. But above all, I treasure the opportunity to act as a vehicle to pass on good information about health and wellness to people.


7 – What is the most memorable moment from the first phase of the program ?

For me it was having to do interviews and write in a public place full of people going back and forth as in the U.S. Open Surf, which took place recently in California , as well as being close to my idols such as Kelly Slater . Another cool moment was when I recorded an episode on the beach with my brother , Kayron Gracie . It was hilarious , I was very comfortable . And it’s great to record with people you know well and have a special relationship with . This is one of the reasons that comfortable with the program and why I accepted to participate in this project in the first place. it is very familiar to me .

8 – What message will you leave for the public and your many fans?

( What fans ? Hahaha ) I hope you enjoy the program and get to know me a little better each week . I would like to thank everyone for their support and the many good wishes and messages I’ve received. Messages from fans make a huge difference , they are the source of encouragement and inspiration for me .

Check out the first episode of  Lifestyle with Carol Gracie below:

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