Understanding the lessons from Grand Master Carlos Gracie

Anyone who deeply studies the jiu-jitsu knows that the power of this martial art penetrates the soul and reaches the heart and spirit. Discovering these paths does not require exhaustive trainings or reading all the books about jiu-jitsu ever published… It does not take much to really dive into jiu-jitsu. The most important and fundamental thing is to be open to the knowledge. Often, it surrounds us, but we have our eyes closed and can’t see or understand it.


It’s all about knowing how to learn, and that is how the creator of Brazilian (or Gracie) Jiu-Jitsu, Grand Master Carlos Gracie learned and developed a lifestyle that would be the transformation bridge for many people, whether or not they practice the gentle art.

Carlos Gracie would always learn by observing the behavior of his brothers during training. After all, he was the coach and pioneer of the Gracie family legacy. Linked to the occult, considered paranormal, Carlos, owner of a splendid aura, permeated through the mysteries and achievements of a whole life dedicated to jiu-jitsu.

The knowledge from within and outside the mats resulted in the lessons of the Great Master. The first one – “Be so strong that nothing can disturb your mind’s peace” – says much about the peace of mind acquired by Carlos and transmitted to anyone who was around, especially his family.

Having a strong mind and being at peace with themselves helped a lot in the Gracie brothers’ achievements during the MMA combats and challenges against other martial artists. When factors external to our thoughts get to reach us, we are shaken and enter in a mental/spiritual imbalance.

Hence, the lessons taught in our schools. It was not taught by a psychology professor or psychologist. It was a true lover of jiu-jitsu who saw in the balance of the inner self the secret to his success in life and on the mats.