Taking Care of Your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu – 6 Tips on How to become 'Tougher'

“Being a good fighter means realizing the maximum of your potential, regardless of the circumstances.”

Competing on the mats or in life is mentally and physically challenging for everyone. But how do you give your best when you are under pressure?

You may feel nervous, restless, or crack under the added pressure that requires you to perform at your best. If you let these negative emotions overwhelm you, it would be impossible to put up a good fight.

Some people are afraid of embarrassing themselves or making mistakes while others compare their performance with that of everyone else, which can be damaging to their confidence. And there are times when there is an obligation to impress a coach, friends or relatives.

The fact of the matter is in many cases people are impaired by lack of confidence and have a feeling of doubt in their own abilities.


Below are six tips for simple mental exercises to help you give your best when performing under pressure:

1) Eliminate fear:

Fear is a natural human reaction in risky situations, but how do we eliminate its negative influence on our performance? It is almost impossible to stop feeling fear but we can learn to use this emotion to our advantage. Remember that your opponent is not a rocket scientist; in fact he’s in the same struggle as you. You have similar physical attributes and just like him, you also fought hard to deserve being here.

2) Loosen your game:

Get out of your comfort zone and try evolving your style. Sticking to the same routine in training makes you risk other techniques. If you experience difficulties address them with your teacher, because at the time of training you have a chance to go back and correct your mistakes. As Master Carlos Gracie Jr. says: “Amateurs choose to work out. Champions do the opposite. Search for the toughest opponent and pursue the challenge of facing him. Will power is stronger than fear and vanity.”

3) Avoid comparing yourself to others:

Jiu-jitsu is constantly evolving. Do not get frustrated if you fail to achieve the same results as your training buddy. Whatever the pace you are moving at it’s important to never stop.

4) Focus on the journey, not the outcome:

“Some aspects of your game may be better than others, but always work towards being a versatile fighter. You will only win when you leave your comfort zone. Remember: learning is more important than winning. Victory is a consequence. “( Mario ” Busy ” Correa )

5) Remember that perfection is unattainable:

Not even the master of masters is considered perfect. Despite having trained grand fighters, he was always learning himself. This is the way the gentle art is always re-inventing itself.

6) Be confident in your abilities:

Trust is built upon preparation and ongoing training. As you are able to perform a task, technique; acquire a skill or ability, your confidence grows. As your expertise and competence grow, so does your confidence.

Remember, becoming tougher doesn’t occur overnight on the mats; it takes discipline, patience, focus, willpower, facing the challenges and believe in yourself day in and day out.

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