Getting the Most Out of Training Time

Getting into Jiu-Jitsu not only requires time, and a lot of resources. Now, to fully maximize the potential for learning within the gym, you have to be able to know how to do it. Your growth and success depend on your attitude in the gym. There are fans, there are followers, there are those who take their BJJ to a different level. Find out how to do it now and make the most of your training.


Be On Time

Time is a resource that is used best when its importance is well understood. Think of it this way: if I were to give you 86,400USD every day, and I want you to use it all up, how would you spend it? Take note that you have to spend it all. But! You cannot spend it on something that you can sell later on. Many would answer, “Hey, I will use it to ride a plane or go skydiving.” I say, I will pay for a personality improvement class and make sure that I invest in myself with that kind of money. 86,400 seconds in one day, and you actually invest a fraction of that to BJJ. Make it count, my friend.

10469150_334754586683490_3299292431398725918_oListen. And Listen Well

There is a big difference between just hearing what your instructor is saying, versus actually understanding it. If you have been catching yourself spacing out every time your instructor is saying something, you have a problem there. Let’s be frank. You went to training in order to learn, so what’s keeping you from listening? The best advice that we can give you is to leave everything outside the door. By all means, just forget the world and focus on you. Treat it as your “me” time.

Spar. Spar. Spar.

It’s a contact sport. And you need to get in contact with someone. Do away with the fear of being humiliated because someone is getting the better of you. That’s usually why some have second thoughts about sparring. It is because they feel that losing in a sparring match will cost them a lot! That’s not true! Get in there and spar. You will learn a thing or two.

Drill. Drill. Drill.

10345542_545412085580779_5505534847379911581_nWash, rinse, and repeat. Yes. Drills can be tiresome. Doing drills actually takes a lot of effort. We all have been to that moment where we are just too tired to do it! But, no. Before you put the brakes on doing drills, remember that the power to repeat translates to your ability to execute something. Execute by practice.

Getting the most of your time in the gym requires discipline. Your coaches, professors, and mentors want you to succeed. Do so by following the practical tips above.

See you on the mats!

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone!