TIPS on becoming consistent

Jiu-Jitsu is an art that is best done with consistency. Consistency breeds learning, growth, reputation and all that other good stuff!  If you are stopping short of success, then, in BJJ you need consistency.

Let us understand what is the power of consistency and how it can help us become better in the art of BJJ


1. Consistency creates accountability 

We are all accountable for our growth. If, let’s say, we come short of reaching our goals, consistency plays a big factor in that. We are accountable for how far we can grow in BJJ. If we get promoted to new ranks, or stay stay stale in our training, consistency will play a huge role in it!

Every BJJ artist out there should be consistent. This is where accountability towards one’s growth and goal-reaching happens.

10401964_837963492904206_195652239491866217_nSo what is your accountability? Are you accountable for your own results? In BJJ, in life etc.?

2. Consistency Builds Reputation 

When you are building your career in BJJ, you are to be consistent. Imagine being that “guy” who only comes in to the gym at random times in a month, vs. that awesome dude who consistently trains. When you train in BJJ you interact with people, you build your reputation with the people that you train with!

3. Consistency is your road map to becoming the best there is 

Practice makes perfect, and practice is synonymous with consistency. You have to practice your BJJ like how you practice walking and breathing. Consistently and almost automatic! It’s a road map. All BJJ greats have at one point decided to be consistent with the art!

TIPS On becoming consistent 

1. Remove all distractions 

14696006666_e8deb45252_kDistractions is a part of life. Managing distractions is not easy, but it can be done. The way to do this is to simply just decide to remove all other distractions that aren’t making you become better in the art!

2. Create an environment where consistency can be conducive! 

3. Have a plan for achieving consistency. This is can be as little as taking the time to commit to training, to joining every tournament close to your area.