Sponsorship Part 2

Finding the right sponsor is a tough one. But there are processes. Now, let’s dig deep into some good ideas of how to land that awesome sponsorship! Word of warning, we’ll be realistic this time. No, not sugarcoating the details on how we can get one.

Remember that landing a sponsorship requires hard work. And consistency will make you succeed. So let’s get the ball rolling.


Your Presence in Social Media

So, how visible are you in social media? Do you update your followers about your progress? Do you even have followers to begin with? The tricky thing about social media is that it now requires at least an 8 hour a day presence. It’s a fact. You need to be visible. Fans would love to get an update on where you are and how you are doing. They would love to see fresh photos of your matches, videos (statistically, people prefer to look at moving pictures – they attract 78% of readers.) So how visible are you? Think outside of Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other things will drive followers.

Solution: Hire a social media manager.

gbjjYour Image 

We weren’t born to please anyone. But let’s face it, your image can make or break you. As someone who is gunning for that awesome gi sponsorship, assess yourself: Can you really carry your Gi? Do you wear it properly? Ask yourself what kind of tweaks you can do for your image. Image doesn’t have to be a unique blend, but it has to be a good image.

Solution: being mindful of how you carry yourself in public (especially in matches).

Your Statistics

It’s not all about numbers, but the number of wins your rack up will help you a lot. Sponsors wouldn’t want you to lose. The tough part about having a sponsor is the pressure it brings to your as a fighter. Yes. Your sponsors want you to win. You need to win. You must want to win. Desire to win. You need to train this time. Even harder.

Solution: Just win. Decide not to lose.

Your Sponsorship Request

While you are still building your career in professional fighting, sponsors will not come to you ASAP. It rarely happens. At times you will need to go out and find them. You need to do the leg work on this one, young grasshopper. It’s a numbers game. You will need to send out letters to companies explaining your need to be sponsored. Why you need to sponsored, and what’s in it for them. What you will gain, and what they will gain.

Remember to be businesslike. Companies are turned off when fighters asks for money. Create and build the relationship slowly. It will get there.


GBAsk For Referrals

Every finch knows an eagle. Yes. You are not able to land that sponsorship deal yet, but it doesn’t mean you should stop there, right? If a potential sponsor turns you down, ask them if they can refer you to anyone or anywhere else who might be interested in helping you out. You are not asking to be sponsored to get rich, you are looking to be sponsored because you want to have enough resources for you to focus on improving your skills.

Make it about them, and not about you.

Good relationships start when there is understanding. Make the sponsorship not about you, Copernicus. Make it about them. It’s hard to practice taking yourself out of the picture and focusing on what the other wants. It’s a challenge, but we believe in you.

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