An article for our school owners!

This is an article for our school owners! School owners play a great role in the success of Gracie Barra! As a writer, I would like to give each and every school owner a pat on the back for doing a great job  making the legacy and reach of Gracie Barra extensive and felt!


Here is one of the those blogs that provide insight on why people stay with a gym and how a gym becomes successful! Student attrition is a phenomenon that BJJ schools constantly face. As we all know, the life blood of each school depends on the number of students training and new students signing up.

As a writer / enthusiast, I have been around and have joined numerous gyms. Some gyms I opt to stay for a couple of weeks, some I have chosen to stay for years now.

Quality of learning!

7891589160_ee9d6fe722_zThe quality of learning materials being provided to students plays a huge role. After all, students come in to learn Jiu-Jitsu. Are students getting actual quality from the courses being offered in the gym, or are they getting quality that they only perceive as such? So far, in Gracie Barra, the weekly courses have proven to be an effective way to ensure quality and calibrated learning across all schools!

Students need friends!

Students need to be able to connect with someone in the gym. It has to be someone that they can relate with. Kids connect better with other kids. Women connect to women. It goes without saying that a gym’s diverse age, cultural, and gender range plays a huge role in keeping a healthy number of students! Encouraging connection between students is beneficial for the school’s growth!

Facilities upkeep!

Dirty, and unkempt facilities has always been a deal breaker for almost anyone. Need I say more?

Some tips on making a school successful!

Acquire new blood through referral

1604725_583345465086682_657101625_nSeveral Gracie Barra schools run referral programs! This is a good thing. It provides premiums to students and incentive for having family and friends join “our family.” New blood also brings in more value.

Recognize possible fall outs

As owners, it is your job to recognize students who are about to fall out of training Jiu-Jitsu. How to do you spot one? I suggest you do a regular touch-base session with them. Try to gauge how they are doing with training. Try to check for possible signs that they are losing interest. A little outreach wouldn’t hurt and shouldn’t take much of your time!

Keep things fun

10422441_10152655558303004_5695707330109134270_nPeople learn better when they are having fun. Try to keep a healthy and light mood in the gym when instructing students. Remember that students join because they want to learn. At the same time, keeping things fun makes students keep “wanting” to learn!

Pro Tip: have seasonal activities in the gym. It shouldn’t be all about serious training. Try going for a fun run, and have parties and events in the gym! 

Train with them!

You gotta walk the talk. In my experience, I have always been inspired and motivated when my sensei rolls with us. Sure. I won’t be able to submit him anytime soon, but a rare chance of rolling with a black belt is priceless!

braulio estimaGet visitors to visit often!

Imagine a legendary black belt gracing the school! Need I say more?

Use social media!

It’s free advertising! Keep your posts in Facebook awesome, motivating and drama-free. No one wants to hear drama when they visit your school’s page! We have emo kids for those (LOL!). Update them with calendar invites and mini tournaments. Post photos of your students training. Make them feel belonged by making the world know “they belong!”

Nilo Valle Chinilla