Gracie Barra – Pan Am 2016

Gracie Barra has a long history with jiu-jitsu competition and the red shield is represented at every major jiu-jitsu tournament around the world. For the last several decades Gracie Barra competitors continue to make it to the podium. The 2016 Jiu-jitsu Pans are no different. During this illustrious event held in Irvine, California Gracie Barra received 3rd place in the adult female division, and 1st place in the masters. The academy was also well represented in all the tournaments divisions.


Gracie Barra Northridge professor Rômulo Barral competed against many top-level competitors. In the Black Adult Male Medium Heavy division he battled through a very tough list of competitors, eventually facing Leandro Lo in the finals. There was a hard fight in the stand up, but Barral surrendered two points from a take down. Although Lo showed a very tactical top game, Barral proved his bottom game is still one of the worlds best. He took 2nd place in the division.





Edwin Najmi, one of Rômulo’s new black belts also competed. He did not disappoint. Edwin finished his final match with an Estima-Lock to win a gold medal in what can be argued as the one of the most difficult divisions in the sport. For being his first Pans as a black belt, it’s a very impressive victory that is a testament to his hard work and training.


In the Masters 2 Division, Flavio Almeida took home a double gold for Gracie Barra having placed first in the Heavy, and Open Class. He showcased some amazing technique both standing up and on the ground. It’s a great accomplishment he can take back to his school in Scottsdale, AZ and for the entire Gracie Barra team.







I’m sure we will see more from these competitors in the coming year. There are plenty more competitions we can expect to see Gracie Barra on the podium!

Congratulations to the competitors and thank you to the team for representing for the Red Shield! ♫ Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu… Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu…! ♫

Credits Pics: Patrick Flores

Writer: Patrick Flores