Stop the Spread: Minimizing Contagions in Your School


We know that operating a GB School has many rewards. It also comes with challenges, but if we address these upfront, we increase those rewards and minimize the effects of potential hazards. In this discussion we are going to look at a specific hazard that can influence the safety of your school – contagious diseases – and how you can minimize the risks and maximize the positive experiences for your staff and students.

Contagious Conditions: What are they?

There is a vast range of infections and diseases which can be contagious, meaning they can spread directly from one person to another. There are certain infections which cannot be transmitted from person to person, but are instead passed by creatures such as insects (i.e. a tick spreading Lyme disease) to people. These kinds of infections cannot be passed from person to person.

It is essential in your role that you understand the kinds of contagions that put your students and staff at risk. These infections can be caused by bacteria or viruses and spread from one of your students or staff to another in one of these ways:


Direct Physical Contact: This is probably the most obvious cause for concern because of the nature of martial arts. Your students will come into contact with other students during sparring and other drills, but they also might come into contact with each other (and staff) simply by things like handshakes and such.

Through the Air: Certain germs can travel from one person to another through the air. These airborne infectious agents can travel from coughs and sneezes, and this type of transmission is often the culprit for spreading common colds and the flu.

Using/Touching a Contaminated Item/Surface: Some contagious agents can live outside of the human body on surfaces, such as your mats. Shower floors can transfer infections like athlete’s foot, and mats can pose risks for conditions such as ringworm and scabies.

How Can I Minimize the Risks?

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