BJJ Lifestyle: Time to Spend in BJJ

Throughout our typical days (and a rather busy ones) we have routines that are specifically designed to make our lives easier and more manageable. And in this sense, at times we lose track of our path in BJJ. Busy lifestyle can spell a slight derailing of our goals. You see, BJJ can provide a certain haven from the outside world where we become one with ourselves. When we are on the mats, we compete not with anyone else – just ourselves.


Spirituality aside, managing our time to make way for BJJ should and can be a integral part of our journey. If you have been missing out on important training sessions, or are thinking about quitting BJJ because you cannot find the time to get into it, this article may speak to you.

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day.

IMG_7406Let’s say that you dedicate 8 hours for your sleep, 30 minutes commuting to work, another 9 hours for work, and a couple of hours of down time. Now check if you have an hour or two to spend on BJJ. Training may be not as long as usual, but in those hours, you can learn a lot. In my case, whenever I head out to the gym with just a couple of hours to spare, I make sure that I get up to speed, waste no time wandering and frolicking around. This way, you will get your money’s worth and your time’s worth. Time is gold.

Make a conscious decision to spend time on BJJ.

A lot of BJJ players (and former ones) say that they do not have enough time for BJJ. Not true really. Making the conscious decision to make time for BJJ is critical. Decisions are very powerful. Decisions have moved mountains and changed nations, and I am sure that if you make the decision to really give time to BJJ, you can do BJJ.

Burned out? Relax a bit.

Most quit or find BJJ a taxing sport simply because they fail to recognize that they have burned out. This is why activities outside of BJJ are important. It gets you out of the grappling rut. Give yourself time to heal those mat burns and sores by going hiking and getting into other sports. Get back to BJJ when you are ready.

Spend time to improve on skills.

IMG_7379Make a mental list (or for some a written list) of the techniques that you have yet to perfect or master. Regardless if these are basic techniques or what-not. Go back to those. I find it fun training the basics and really getting into it. It requires time and effort, though, but not as difficult. Training the basics and giving time to it makes me feel like a better BJJ player altogether.

Give time to other BJJ players

If you feel that you don’t have time to help yourself in BJJ, consider helping other BJJ players. Yes. It does sound illogical, but look at it this way. If you already don’t have time for your own BJJ, how will you be able give time to another player. It’s quite simple. Go to the gym and assist in your free time. On your time where you cannot train for the whole session, but have a couple of minutes to spare, help out int he gym and assist the new ones. It’s refreshing and a surefire way to see what you can do in your free time.