Kids and BJJ

We all know about the benefits of bjj for the adults. Spread the philosophy of the founder trough the training session, stay shape, be a model for the others teammates. However we could find many reasons to start and push the door of the academy.

14064994331_d84f4ea8ee_bOf course, kids must practice physical activities and it’s easy to choose one among all of the different sports existing.

I like to share, with my young students in Paris, the story of the Gracie’s ranch in Teresopolis, where the kids of Masters Carlos Sr. and Helio could make an armbar before learning to walk!

However, there are many advantages for kids to practice bjj :

– In concrete terms, you could see physical and psychological benefits because the training session improve motor skills and the balance of the kids,

– We can add muscular strengthening without injuries. No apparels, only calisthenics exercises to stay in good shape. Also, it’s could be another side of fight again child obesity.

– Also, the kid can improve his self-confidence and be able to be part of the society. Nobody could bully him, or her, but became someone as unique!

13708830903_017900b6c2_bIt seems to me that is an important part of the effect of martial art for the people who train.  The teacher has an important part personal fulfillment of his students.  He must show how to become the actor of own life and not be like a puppet.

By this way, the kid improve his mental focusing by learn the techniques and try to explain to a younger. It’s a life school on the mats!!!

During the training fights-under the watchful eye of the teachers- the kids must get strong personality and be able to face adversity and find solutions even in bad situations!!!  It will be an advantage for their growing life to earn these several skills.

The teacher is the spokesman (or spokeswoman) of the academy and the philosophy of the founder. He is the reliable person because the Professor gave him authority to share his experience and be a model on the mats. Always keep on mind that it’s an honor to teach, never lost interest.

13708345345_8e3965af08_bHis duty doesn’t stop outside the mats, but he will be an important relay with the parents and explain the evolution of the kids.

There is an important side of the kid class. Teach the philosophy of jiu-jitsu. It’s not necessary for kids to get a degree curse after the training.  But learn how to be better and make a better world.

I tried to share the different advantages for kids to learn jiu-jitsu. They need to be motivates and volunteers. The goal is not to prepare the next world champion but to help them during their journey.  Few words to summarize my text: never put on light a student, in public, because of his technical abilities but value his attitude with the teammates and the professors.

Credits: Mickaël ABDOULLAH
Gracie Barra Paris (France)