Jiu-Jitsu for Kids – Leading the Next Generation

Teaching Jiu-Jitsu gives you the opportunities to share your passion and enthusiasm for the gentle art while helping to make your school grow bigger, better, and stronger. Young students are of central importance to helping these dreams come true. They are the next generation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and enthusiasts. As a student population they also offer their own unique challenges and needs. And as an instructor it is your responsibility to rise to meet these. The result will be continued generations sharing the mission of Gracie Barra.

New Name – Yet Much the Same

You might remember that in the past we called our program for kids the Future Champions Program. We still firmly believe that the children who come to learn at our schools are the future of Gracie Barra. We just wanted a way to make sure that the name for our program for youth reflects the history, best practices, and techniques that are unique and specific to Gracie Barra.

This is why we have introduced the new title of our program: Gracie Barra Kids – or GBK.

As the name implies, Gracie Barra Kids is now definitively and directly tied to Gracie Barra – something that the Future Champions Program could not do. With a legacy like that of Gracie Barra, one inspired by that of Master Carlos Gracie Jr., it is clear that launching our latest 4.0 curriculum deserved a new name that would align with the legacy and the future impacts of Gracie Barra.

Why so much attention on the youth?

While it is true that your typical Black Belt is nowhere near the demographics of youth, every Black Belt needs to start sometime. Why not in those early years?

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