The Competition Team for Youth: Building Champions in Life

You have probably seen those young students on your mats. The ones who train with a uniquely higher level of intensity, who might thrive on a deeper devotion to the gentle art, or who appear to strive for something a little bit more.

The GBK Program is a comprehensive system we have in place to provide even your youngest of students with quality, targeted methods of engaging and teaching the art of Jiu-Jitsu. We built it to align with the Gracie Barra Method and the associated seven essential building blocks: GBK Program Structure, GBK Curriculum, GBK Class Structure, Belt System & Attendance Cards, GBK Curriculum, GBK Training & Teaching Practices, and GBK Teaching Vocabulary and Commands.

Characteristics of a Competition Team Student

Even when you bring all of these elements together, you still will likely see a certain population at your school who need something beyond the GBK core. Characteristics of these young students might include:

  • They are highly focused when training on the mats.
  • They are dedicated to pursuing long- and short-term goals.
  • They consistently attend classes and additional opportunities at the school.
  • They have a spirit conducive with healthy competition.

When you see these characteristics come to life in your students, it is time to consider whether or not your school is ready for a kids’ competition team.

Characteristics of a Competition Team Instructor

By the same token as applied to the characteristics of the kids, you have to look at yourself and see if you and your school have the characteristics required to successfully offer this additional level of training.

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