6 Great Ways to Get Information About BJJ

For those of us who can’t get enough information and discussion about bjj, there are numerous great resources for the bjj addict to satisfy their hunger.

1) Bjj Podcasts
For those who don’t know, a podcast is an audio file (MP3) that you can download and listen to on your phone, laptop or iPod- usually of an interview where topics related to bjj are discussed.
Instead of watching another tv show or listening to music, try a podcast of your favorite bjj personality to get a glimpse of their philosophy on bjj. Well-known competitors and instructors in the bjj world share great advice, their philosophies and interesting stories about their bjj lives.
Suggested podcasts:

YOUTUBE12) YoutTube channels
A great and 100% free way to access not only technique videos (technique collectors can spend HOURS going through endless videos by world champions) but short interviews, full length documentaries and even weekly “webisodes” where talented producers take on the mats of academies all over the world.
The traditional criticism of YouTube videos is that in some cases the quality of the instruction is,..er…suspect. But there are plenty of reputable channels that provide top level instruction.
Check out these two Gracie Barra channels for great content:

3) Books
The digital age has not completely eliminated the desire people have to hold a paper copy of a book in their hands. This week a student arrived early to class with their copy of a bjj book on drills and spent 30 minutes trying some of the drills contained in the book.
The BJJ Book Shelf - 10 More Great Books for your BJJ LibraryI have a nice collection of not only new bjj books but a number of old judo books found in used book stores. You might be surprised how many “new” bjj techniques can be found in the old black and white photographs contained in those old books!

10 Great Books for the Jiu-jitsu Reader

4) Internet Forums
Want to ask a question about your bjj? Want to chime in with your opinion on some controversial topic in bjj? Find out about is going on in the bjj world?
Internet forums have posts from everyone from “my first bjj class” to Bjj royalty talking (and sometimes arguing) about their perspective on all matters associated with bjj.
A rule of advice, try not to get too worked up when someone disagrees with your brilliantly articulated opinion. Trolls abound and delight in provoking the unwary.
There are numerous forums dedicated to bjj but these are perhaps the two most popular:

5) Facebook Pages & News Consolidators
facebook login(1)Don’t have the time to scour the internet for your bjj info? Your Facebook news feed can deliver a steady stream of bjj videos, news, interviews and opinions about the bjj world.
Most of your favorite competitors and schools will have a Facebook page and just “Like” the page and you will be notified when anything new is posted.
My personal favorite bjj website these days is a news aggregator called simply “Bjj News” that features links to articles and videos from around the bjj world all in one convenient place.

6) Blogs
Of course the source of the best articles on bjj is the very own Gracie Barra Blog 😉 …where several times a week articles are published on a variety of bjj lifestyle related topics.
Most blogs offer a subscription service that notifies you by email when a new post is published. Some bjj blogs focus on a specific audience such as women, white belts or those who like detailed analysis of techniques.

Gracie Barra

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Taipei, Taiwan
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ