I Want to Quit!

Strategies to prevent and deal with student cancellations

Almost all endeavors that require effort inherently include times when those putting forth the effort feel disconnected or unmotivated. Sometimes this is just momentary and the result of a fleeting feeling of self-doubt. Other times the challenges seem insurmountable or the goals too far off to be eligible for reality. Students in our Gracie Barra schools will also face these times when they question whether or not Jiu-Jitsu really has a place in his or her life. As part of efforts by the Gracie Barra support team, in consultation with experts and instructors who have faced these very situations of risks to student retention, we have developed this guide. The strategies contained within will arm you with tools to minimize the occurrence of receiving those phone calls from students who want to cancel their memberships, or of students just dropping their attendance levels. We also provide tools for recognizing the warning signs of lacking motivation so that you can consistently build those connections with your students, and your community. In this guide we provide specific steps for identifying risk factors, building an engaging environment, and reacting to student calls for cancellations. VHQ_October-03 (1)

Step 1: Identifying Risk Factors

There are several risk factors which contribute to students losing motivation and feeling disconnected from Jiu-Jitsu training. Identifying these factors is essential to counteracting them in your school so that you can maintain student retention and build the best school possible. Usually these risk factors contribute at a gradual rate. Risk factors vary from student to student, as variables such as age, health, and employment impact how students interact with other students and instructors, and how they feel about their own dedication to training. Risk factors that contribute to dwindling levels of motivation and engagement include:

  • Lack of self-discipline. Some students will come to your school for the almost romantic notion of what it is like to learn Jiu-Jitsu, not realizing the levels of self-discipline required for this journey…

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