The Gracie Barra World Summit was created in order to bring together the entire GB family to understand, study, learn and practice the Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone’s mission. The tournaments are part of this goal and could not be left out of this important chapter in GB’s history.

The 1st Gracie Barra North America Championship counted with matches in all categories, since Little Champions 1 to Masters.
For many it was the first time competing and they couldn’t have chosen a better opportunity to do it so. Brotherhood and camaraderie were above any titles – but don’t get us wrong – because our athletes gave their best and fought really hard to be on the highest spot of the podium.

On Tournament day we kept the Seminar’s area and brought everyone the chance to experience learning and training with great names of our organization.
It was a super busy day for everyone present.
Professors Kayron Gracie, Bruno Fernandes, Nao Takigawa, Rodrigo Lopes, Carlos Sievert, Jerry, Kaliffa Oliveira and Hong Ju Pyo spent the whole day on the mat teaching incredible seminars with unique techniques that made them the best in business.

Another great time of the afternoon was the seminar with the top three of our Gracie Barra Pink Team.
Professors Fabiana Borges, Ana Laura Cordeiro and Jessica Flowers shared some of their top secret techniques. Everyone who joined had a great time!

White, blue and purple belts kept the audience entertained during the afternoon – some categories of the championship had the presence of world champions – adding even more to this experience.

Brown and black belt adults fought the Pro-Division – professors Otavio Sousa, Braulio Estima, Fabio Costa, Luis Freire, Arian de Melo, Gabriel Reveredo, Lucas Wihan and many others left everything on the mats of the GBWS.  The finals happened between Braulio Estima and Otavio Sousa for the heavy weight title and between Arian de Melo and Gabriel Revoredo  for the light weight tittle. After two great matches full of incredible technique the champions were Braulio Estima and Arian de Melo, both winning by points.

On the Masters divisions we saw world renowned professors competing against long time friends and putting into practice all their experience, everyone fighting hard to be the number one at the very 1st GB North America Championship. The champions were professor Felipe Guedes, Diogo Ferreira, aqui tem que adicionar os outros.

The coaches on the side of the mat were something apart to watch…their passion and patience with their pupils and team mates surely took some of their voice away but it was absolutely worth for them and for us.

The third day of our event was a huge success like the event as a whole.

We would like to thank everyone who came to Vegas and made our team an even bigger, better and stronger family!


See you all in 2019 at the 2nd Gracie Barra World Summit.

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