The second day of the GB World Summit gave the attendees the opportunity to refine their technique and find different training partners than the ones they are used to have at their own school but specially gave them the opportunity to learn many new techniques. The 5000 sq ft of mat area divided in 5 different spaces – each one with a different seminar happening simultaneously – offered everyone the chance to bounce between all of them or then choose the one that fit better their own game.

It wasn’t easy to choose between them. In one mat we had professor Draculino, on the next one we had professor Philipe Della Monica, on mat number 3 professors Rafael Foquinha and Salvatore Pace, right next to them were professors Mike Buckels and Felipe Guedes and to make the decision even harder there was also a BarraFit class happening with professor Cris Dantas and coach Vivi Almeida – and this was just the beginning of our Training Day!

In the middle of the morning one of the most expected moments of the day and and of the entire event – the Seminar with Master Carlos Gracie Jr – needless to say how crowded that huge mat area was! During Master Carlinhos’ class  an entire audience focused on learning techniques rich in details and lessons that they will definitely take for life.

Right after the unique opportunity of learning from our Master, all the presents had the chance to take their own picture with him.

Again everyone could choose between five different seminars. We had professors Ulpiano Malachias, Fabio Gigantinho, Marcos Barros, Carlos Escorrega, Orlando Sanchez, Jessica Flowers, Felipe Guedes, Rodrigo Augusto and Cris Dantas with coach Vivi Almeida – all of them teaching a different style.

The lunch breaks were very fun moments at the GBSW – walking around the restaurant you would see tables with professors Orlando Sanchez and Jessica Flowers telling everyone about their last tournaments and just a few steps from there we could see a table with professors Fabiana Borges and Ana Laura sharing their games’ secrets…just to give two examples.

After a little rest all attendees were back to the mat to learn some (a lot) more from professors Braulio Estima and Lucio Lagarto. The two legends of our sports taught some very peculiar techniques that sure made many wish to sign up for the first next tournament so they could just put them into practice.

Who asked for more techniques taught by world renowned professors and world champions? We have it! Divided between the five mat areas at the GBWS we had from 3:45 pm to 4:45pm names like Ana Laura Cordeiro and Rafael Novais teaching techniques for kids, Master Marcio Simas and the 6th degree black belt Nelsinho Monteiro teaching guard passes, professors Alexandre “Dande” and Fabio Costa teaching half guard strategies, Flavio Almeida, Cris Dantas and Vivi Almeida teaching a BarraFit Class and also professor Murilo Carvalho along Felipe Guedes instructing how to teach the intro class.

Next ones were professors Roberto Tussa and Otavio Sousa – mats remained full! The duo taught incredibly simple techniques that 99% of us had never thought of using before – it was mind blowing!

To end the evening the best way possible we had the Black Belt ceremony where Master Carlos Gracie Jr tied the black belt around over 10 new professors and also promoted some more experienced black belts to their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree, including professors Marcelo Rezende, Braulio Estima, Gustavo Pinto, Rafael Ramos, Jerry and Lucio Rodrigues who all got the 4th degree on their belts.

The GBWS Training Day is for sure another day to be kept in everyone’s memory forever.

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