GB Technique: Trips and Foot Sweeps

There are a bewildering variety of different takedowns for the jiu-jitsu student to incorporate into their game. Where to start? Which is better – judo or wrestling? Which techniques are not suitable for bjj rule sets? What takedowns work best for smaller competitors?
Footsweeps are a category of takedowns that rely more on timing and technique than raw athleticism and when performed by a foot sweep master are nearly effortless.
This week Prof Henrique Machado shows us 3 of the best foot sweeps or trips for the jiu-jitsu athlete.
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Major inside trip – Ouchi Gari
Prof. Henrique Machado teaches one of the highest percentage leg trips. If you watch carefully, you are certain to spot this in professional MMA fights.
Major outside trip – O-Soto-Gari
This fundamental judo takedown is an important part of the self-defense curriculum – and we see a variation of the O-Soto-Gari in the GB1 rear choke escape.
Kneel Wheel forward sweep – Hiza Guruma
The first two techniques are to the opponent’s rear. Hiza Guruma (or its close relative Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi) works well in the front direction when the opponent resists your backward attacks.
Footsweeps and trips take some repetition to build the correct footwork and timing but will prove to be a valuable tool in your standup toolbox.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt