GB Technique: The “Rodado” Rolling Choke

This week on GB Technique we are learning “Rodado” / Loop Choke variations with some top GB black belt instructors.
You have probably seen some competition hi-lights with Loop or Rolling choke finishes. These variations on the collar strangle are really sneaky and catch even experienced competitors off guard. You can begin your attack before securing a dominant position like side mount or the back mount.
There are some details and variations on how to get the initial grip as well as the entry from standing or on the ground. This family of gi chokes might be a great attack for your game.
Let’s take a look at some great entries into the Loop Choke and some key variations and details as taught by some of our most experienced GB Professors.
1) “Rodado” Choke defending the double leg
This is a very common entry to the Rolling gi choke – when the opponent attempted a double leg takedown and we sprawl to counter. Prof. Liberi shows the technique in full speed.
2) Standing Loop Choke
Professor Bryan Waltz of Gracie Barra Colorado Springs shows how to setup the Loop Choke from standing by getting the opponent to lower their head.

3) Standing Loop Choke 2 / Estrangulamento Rodado Em Pè
Prof. Carlos Liberi comes back with how to attack the “Rodado” choke from standing position

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia