GB Technique: The Golden Rules Of Escapes

Escaping from bad positions is probably the number one problem for most GB white belt students. Well, we at Gracie Barra blog are here to help with some techniques and as importantly the Golden Rules Of Escapes that we see in nearly all escapes from the bottom in Jiu-Jitsu.
What are the 3 Golden Rules Of Escapes?
1- You must bridge – using the power of your hips, legs, and posterior chain to move your opponent and disrupt their ability to stay tight and on top
2- The use of frames. Quite simply, it is the job of the person on top to take away the space and make the person on the bottom carry their weight. The person on the bottom conversely must create space to escape or get a leg or underhook and prevent the top person from being able to apply their bodyweight. Frames are essential for setting up the escape.
3- Hip escape. It’s rare to see any type of positional escape that doesn’t heavily depend on moving your hips on the bottom. Most escapes require creating room between us and the top opponent. Instead of pushing them away with our arms, instead, we frame and move away from our opponent to create the room
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This week we have 3 different bottom positions, but the 3 Golden Rules are employed in all of the different escapes. Let’s have a look!
Escape from Knee on the Belly
Prof Victor Estima helps us deal with a dangerous and uncomfortable position – the dreaded Knee on the Belly pressure.
Bottom side control escape to choke
Escaping bottom-side control is the toughest challenge for many Jiu-Jitsu students. Watch how Prof. Draculino uses our Golden Rules for Escapes in this technique.
Escape Low mount
Prof Flavio shows some specific escapes from the low mount where the top person has entangled their legs with the bottom person’s in order to kill their ability to bridge
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt