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This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at techniques by Gracie Barra Japan instructors.
With over 800 schools on six continents, Gracie Barra leads the Bjj world in spreading jiu-jitsu all over the world. One of the flag ship GB schools is located in the original birthplace of jiu-jitsu – Japan.
GB Japan is headed by Prof. Takigawa who spent significant time in Brazil training at the original Gracie Barra.
In August 2004 Master Carlos Gracie Jr. awarded Nao the long awaited black belt.
“In February 2005 Prof. Nao Takigawa returned to Japan, determined to open a Gracie Barra school and to pass on the teachings of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.  or as we like to say: ‘He was willing to keep the legacy alive’.”
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Let’s take a look at some techniques as taught by Gracie Barra Japan instructors.
1) Mounted Armlocks and Cross Choke Combination
Prof. Nao Takigawa teaches how to use 2 basic attacks to set up a very potent submission combination

2) Open Guard Sweep
Visiting Gracie Barra in Rio de Janeiro, Prof. Nao Takigawa shares a sweep from shin guard with partner Prof. Marcio Feitosa

3) Arm Bar from the Guard Variation
Most jiu-jitsu students know the basic arm bar from guard as it is first shown in the video. the 2nd variation – with a cross collar grip is one favored by Jiu-jitsu legend Roger Gracie.

4) Mounted Cross Collar Choke
This technique is both basic and very powerful. It is said that the collar choke from the mount is the first technique you learn in jiu-jitsu and the last technique you master. Let’s see some of the details.

5) Escaping the Mount
The knee to elbow escape from mount is among the most important escapes for students to master. Note the footwork to capture 1 of your opponent’s legs and improve your position.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia