GB Technique: Sweep A Standing Opponent

Standing, distance guard passing is a very common tournament strategy that we see. The standing guard passer has a speed and mobility advantage to move around the guard player’s legs and, standing upright, they have a strong posture.
What is the best strategy for the guard player against an opponent trying to pass standing?
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Let’s have a look at some Leg entanglements and standing sweeps.
Waiter sweep from Closed Guard
Prof Jefferson shows one of the very best sweeps against an op
A common mistake is to just extend your hips straight back. Prof. Jefferson shows us the detail that makes all of the difference.
Half to X Sweep to Inside Sankaku
Leg lock addicts will recognize this sweep and entry into the powerful heel hook position or, as Prof. Joe shows, complete as a sweep and pass to the top.
Single Leg-X to X-guard Sweep
Prof Rodrigo Fajardo shows us how to enter into a Single Leg X guard entanglement and then sweep to the top position
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt