GB Technique: Submit Your Opponent with Jefferson Moura

Meet Prof. Jefferson Moura, a 6th-degree black belt who previously was head instructor at GB Matriz, the original Gracie Barra in Rio, and is now teaching at his GB schools in Colorado.
Prof Jefferson has a wealth of experience and this week we share some of his favorite submission attacks with the details that make them so effective.
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Side control submission
This is a variation on the Kimura shoulder lock. When the opponent counters the original attack. Prof Jefferson adjusts his arms position to apply pressure to the opponent’s shoulder.
Kneebar from Closed guard
Prof Jefferson Moura shows a popular No-Gi attack from Closed guard. This entry to the opponent’s legs can lead to numerous different leg entanglements and attacks
Knee on Belly – Baseball Bat choke
Note how Prof. Jefferson uses the pressure of his knee to distract the opponent and create an opening at the neck for this powerful gi strangle.
Details on finishing the Omoplata
You might have many chances to enter into the Omoplata, but somehow fail to get the tap. Here are some key details that you might be missing.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt