GB Technique: Single Leg Takedown Entries

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at a takedown that might be the most successful at the higher levels of competition (both with gi and No-Gi) – the Single Leg Takedown.
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There are multiple ways to both enter into and finish a single-leg takedown, but a few principles are the same across the board. Let’s take a look at two of Gracie Barra’s most experienced instructors.
Prof. Marcio Feitosa enters into single leg takedown
Often the most challenging part of getting the single takedown is getting past your opponent’s defense and getting your grip on the leg.
Note how Prof. Marcio changes levels and drops lower so he can enter while still having a strong posture (instead of being bent over at the waist and susceptible to a Guillotine choke). Also, Prof. Marcio uses footwork and gets the opponent moving to expose the front leg. Attacking the front leg is much easier as it is closer to you and easier to grab.
Single leg with details
In our second video, we see Prof. “Draculino” explain the details of entering and finishing a single leg. Note that the principles are the same as in our first video: using footwork to bring the target leg closer to us and a level change to get in close to the opponent.
Prof. Draculino initially breaks the opponent’s grip and gets to a position known as a Russian 2 on 1 grip or Cross Grip in the gi. In this position, Prof. Draculino can control the opponent’s movement and can enter into his single leg grip easily as the opponent’s arm is tied up and can not defend the entry.
Important details: Prof  Draculino enters into a “low single” where he is on one knee, his level well below the defensive hands of the opponent. See how Prof. Draculino keeps his head on the inside of the opponent’s body making it less vulnerable to the Guillotine choke. Prof. Draculino finishes the takedown by ending in a leg drag position where he has different options to pass.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt