GB Technique: Self Defense at GB North Phoenix

This week on GB Technique we are looking at self defense techniques and principles as taught by some of the Gracie Barra North Phoenix instructors.
As students of jiu-jitsu who are striving to develop a complete jiu-jitsu, we must occasionally focus on self defense applications of fundamental jiu-jitsu techniques.
The guard position in particular is very different when the opponent on top is threatening to try to punch the person defending on bottom. Learning to defend against punches on the ground is a whole different consideration than sport grappling with the many different gi grips available.
Let’s check out some self defense techniques with Gracie Barra North Phoenix
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1) Rear Choke Escape
In a street confrontation, one might be attacked from behind as even untrained individuals use the rear naked choke. Prof. Flavio shows how to deal with this dangerous situation.

2) Head Lock Escape
Prof Gabriel Revoredo shows how to escape from the bottom from a technical headlock using a bridging escape

3) Self Defense on Bottom in Guard
Some important principles on protecting yourself from strikes if you find yourself on the bottom in a self defense situation

4)Self defense on the ground using triangle attack
Prof. Flavio Almeida shows step by step how to stay safe from strikes and look for a triangle attack from the bottom.

5)Headlock Attacks From Collar Tie
If you have spent any time watching YouTube street fight videos you will observe that it is very common for one of the combatants to grab the opponent’s head. This wrestling technique is a perfect way to control an opponent without any gi to grab.

What is your favorite self defense technique?
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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia