GB Technique: The Art of Takedowns with Prof. Carlos Liberi

This week on GB Technique we are looking at techniques and principles for takedowns as taught by Gracie Barra black belt Prof. Carlos Liberi.
You may have an awesome guard and a strong passing game but if you don’t have a way to get the match to the ground, you have a problem.
As serious jiu-jitsu students we should strive to have a complete game and a key part of the that is takedowns. Once you learn a handful of takedowns that you are confident with, you are a much better rounded jiu-jitsu athlete.
In addition, learning judo and wrestling is really interesting and has a carry over on the ground to your sweep and passing games.
Let’s check out several different types of takedown techniques with one of Gracie Barra’s top instructors Prof. Carlos Liberi
1) The Harai-Goshi
Similar to a hip throw with leg assist to elevate the opponent.

2) The Shoulder Throw
This is the first throw that you learn in judo and there is a good reason for that – it is effective for white belts all the way to the top levels of international competition.

3) Foot Sweep / Variation Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi
Foot sweeps are effective whether it is self defense, gi or no-gi training.

4) Yoko Wakare
A sacrifice throw is a category of technique where you drop your own bodyweight to the ground in order to take your opponent down to the mat.

5) Ippon Seoinage to Double Leg
Action / Reaction is the key to this (and many takedown combinations) double leg finish.

What is your favorite ?
Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia