GB Technique:  Playing Open Guard

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at some more advanced open guard techniques from a master of the Spider Guard – Prof. Eduardo Carriello of GB Oval in the UK
Gracie Barra Oval
Prof. Eduardo Carriello
The Spider Guard is especially effective for lighter jiu-jitsu fighters as a way to keep the opponent’s weight and pressure off of them. As we shall soon see, there is a multitude of offensive possibilities from this open guard
Let’s take a look!
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Basic Lasso Guard Sweep with submissions
This is perhaps the #1 technique from the Lasso / Spider Guard
Spider to Single Leg X-guard
Many of the open guard styles complement and combine with each other
Spider Guard Spin Sweep
The house specialty by Prof. Cariello
Open guard to spin under back take
The best strategy is to always be looking for an opportunity to find your opponent’s back
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt