GB Technique : No-Gi Submissions with Prof. Joe Scarola

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at some techniques that are more popular when training without the gi with Prof. Joe Scarola of Gracie Barra Long Island, New York.

With the expansion of different competition rule sets (like submission only) and MMA, no-gi training is more popular than ever. While it is still jiu-jitsu, there ARE some significant differences – especially when it comes to gripping, leg attacks and the types of guards that are possible with the collar and sleeves.

A great idea to keep in mind is that all of the techniques you learn in no-gi, you can carry over to your gi-game.

Let’s take a look at no-gi with one of the top Gracie Barra black belt instructors, Prof. Joe Scarola.

1) No-Gi Back Take From Side Control

When it comes to no-gi submissions, the rear naked choke is king. Here is how to seize your opponent’s back in a scramble and secure the rear mount and look for the RNC.

2) Pendulum Sweep Into Submissions

You need to adapt your grips when attacking from the guard without the sleeves or collar. Pendulum sweep is a fundamental movement for fighting from your back.

3) Triangle set up from a side control escape

Your opponent will not expect this transition into triangle when you are attempting to escape from bottom side control.

4) Guillotine and Kimura From Guard

The Guillotine choke is far more common no-gi than in the gi. This is a classic submission combination from your closed guard.

5) Armbar From Guard

Prof. Joe shows that there are a lot of important details in this fundamental arm bar attack from guard.

What do you prefer? Training with the gi or no-gi?

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Credits: Mark Mullen 

Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia