GB Technique: Knee on the Belly with Prof. Marcio Feitosa

This week on GB Technique we are going to look in-depth at the control and attack from the Knee on the Belly KOB position with one of Gracie Barra’s most detailed instructors – Prof. Marcio Feitosa.
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1- Control the opponent as you transition to the KOB position. If we allow too much space for our opponents in the transition from side mount to KOB, the opponent has an opportunity to capture our leg in their half guard and we lose the position.
2- Eliminate the opponent’s defensive frames using your leg like an extra arm. Notice the opponent is using his right arm as a frame to reduce Prof. Marcio’s ability to remove the space and place his weight on the bottom guy. Prof. Marcio uses the “wrong” leg to pop up and pin that defensive arm to the mat, thereby removing one of their strongest points of defense.
3- Note that Prof. Marcio uses strategic grips on the belt and collar to limit the movement of his opponent’s hips and eliminate their ability to replace the guard. Prof. Marcio uses his grip on the opponent’s belt like a lever to kill the movement of the hips.
4- The Step Over choke. This is a sneaky submission that your opponent is unlikely to see coming. Pay attention to the collar grip. Prof. Marcio positions the sharp edge of his wrist bone on the side of the opponent’s neck – creating the tightest possible choke.
By stepping over, Prof. Marcio can use the strength of his leg as the second direction of the force in the choke, which makes this a very powerful choke!
5- If the opponent defends by pushing the step-over leg off of his neck, Prof. Marcio accepts that he doesn’t have the choke and simply returns to his original KOB control position. The opponent is rapidly fatiguing by this point.
6- Prof. Marcio also demonstrates two additional attack options if the opponent reacts by pushing away with their arms: the nearside straight armbar and the fsr side Americana / ude garami shoulder lock.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt