GB Technique:  Darce Choke with Prof Joe Scarola

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at the Darce choke as the centerpiece behind some transitions. The Darce choke is one of the best attacks for No-Gi and as we will learn this week, a position from which we can transition to other positions and submission threats.
Let’s take a look at some Dance choke connections with Prof Joe Scarola of GB Jupiter
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Darce Setup From Butterfly guard sweep
Prof Joe shows us how to look for the Darce choke opportunity in the scramble following a sweep. The opponent is focused on recovering the top position and vulnerable to a sneaky Darce choke.
Darce choke to Inside Sankaku leg attack
This advanced transition is for the leg lock addicts. Pay attention to how Prof Joe uses his footwork to transition to a backstep into the 411 / inside Sankaku leg entanglement – the most dominant leg locking position
Scramble from Darce To Leg Attacks
Check out the fluid transition from a Side mount Darce attack to a leg entanglement and heel hook finish. Seamless transitions from one attack to another are one of the characteristics of advanced Jiu-Jitsu.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt