GB Technique: Collar Chokes

This week on GB Technique we are looking at some of the most effective collars strangles for Intermediate and Advanced level jiu-jitsu.
While there are countless variations of the collar choke from nearly every conceivable position, some techniques have proven to be a higher percentage than others. By high percentage, we mean these chokes have been proven to work at high levels of competition against opponents of similar skill and belt level.
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Knee on Belly Baseball choke
Prof. Ericka shows one of the most powerful chokes from knee on belly position
Prof. Kendall Reusing shows how she performs the collar choke from the back.
At the black belt level… This “basic” collar choke accounts for more submission wins than any other technique.
Collar choke from the turtle
When your opponent goes to the turtle to avoid giving up the points for a guard pass, they give the opportunity for this attack. Prof. Victor Estima shows this collar choke from GB2.
Collar choke from mount
Prof  Victor Estima has scored 4 points for top mount and will use this powerful choke to get the finish. The details are SUPER important
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By Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black belt