GB Technique: Advanced Submissions with Prof. Reginaldo Almeida

This week on GB Technique we are learning some advanced submissions from GB Spring Hill head instructor Prof. Reginaldo Almeida.
As your opponent’s gain experience, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch a submission. The more experienced opponents are not likely to make simple mistakes that expose a submission and they also know the counters to the most common threats.
In a closely contested match, having a lesser known submission could be the difference. These advanced submission variations might give you the advantage in catching your opponent by surprise.
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Shoulder Lock from Side Mount
Prof. Reginaldo Almeida shows us how to counter the opponent’s underhook in side control by stepping over for a powerful shoulder lock

Shoulder Lock from Side Mount Number 2
This shoulder lock using the legs is a cousin of the omoplata that some jiu-jitsu students call the Monoplata

“Felipe Pena” Choke
This is a tricky lapel assisted choke made famous by World Champion Felipe “Preguica” Pena that utilizes the power of your leg to apply the finish

Lapel Choke attacking Turtle
Your opponent is in on a single leg and this lapel choke is a great counter by Prof. Reginaldo Almeida

Loop Choke from Half Guard
We usually look for the sweep from half guard but this loop choke is a solid submission threat as well

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Credits: Mark Mullen
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