GB Learning : Escapes from Bottom Position

This week Gracie Barra Learning will feature some videos on escapes from the bottom.

The most common technique questions white and blue belt students ask are “How do I escape from the bottom?”. Without a solid technique you are stuck on the bottom.
Let’s take a look at how GB instructors deal with escaping from: scarf hold, side control, mount and knee on the belly.

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1) Kimura Counter from Kesa-Gatame
From Gracie Barra Colorado Springs we see how to escape the tough scarf hold position by climbing to the back. Do you know how to escape this difficult control position?


2) Guard Replacement
This is a variation on one of the most important moves in jiu-jitsu: replacing the guard from side control. Note how the instructor uses a sneaky hook to create space to recover the guard.

3) Mount escape – Guard recovery
This is one of the most important escapes for all levels of jiu-jitsu students to master. Prof Draculino shows us how to combine techniques to escape the mount.

4) Escaping side control
Direct from Gracie Barra Rio De Janeiro we see how you can use an underhook to get out of side control and go to your opponent’s back.

5) Knee on belly escape
Having your opponent apply knee on the belly is really tough! Another great escape from Prof. Draculino using a stiff arm to ankle pick sweep.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ