Tips to Look Great In Your GB Wear


Look Great in your GB Wear Clothing with These Simple Tips

GB Wear is a well thought out line of clothing for everyone made by Gracie Barra Association. If Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone, the same goes for the clothing line. We take into the greatest account the level and the quality of the clothing line that we make available to those who appreciate quality and affordability. GB wear defines the family of Jiu Jitsu artists and enthusiasts who appreciate the sport and follow it’s discipline. I’ve always believed in the dictum, you are what you wear. Which is why we’ve prepared these simple tips on how to clad yourself in your GB wear and stand out as fashionable and trendy at the same time!

There are no rules in wearing casual, but here are some tips from experience. I’ve learned that similar to Jiu-Jitsu, you must compliment everything through harmony.


Choose the Cut that Fits Your Body Frame:

Take into account your body frame before grabbing your GB Wear clothing. Shirts that are way too loose on a skinny frame can strike as a little off. Individuals with lanky frames will look better wearing long-sleeved rash guards. It’s a formula that is almost as full proof as a mount on your opponent. It can only go wrong if you let it go wrong. Yes! Rash guards can be worn even outside the gym. Rash guards also work best for tall people. It makes tall and skinny people appear to have more mass. Since most of the time, small-framed and skinny individuals most distinct feature are their arms. Long sleeved rash-guards make the arm look stuffier and have a bit of mass. Pair it up with shorts slightly below the knees for the guys and tight jeans for the women and you’re good to go.

And one more thing, avoid dark colors if you have a lanky frame. It will make you look way too small. Avoid tanks and “sando” cuts.

Big boned individuals will definitely look good wearing GB Wear that are tight fitting and dark colored. Tees that are short-sleeved emphasize the size and the arms. The cut on these tight-fitting shirts grabs the back and the shoulders. Typically, big boned individuals have nice collar and shoulder blades. Tight fitting tees accentuate these features.


Collared or Round Neck Shirts

Depends on occasion. Wearing collared shirts may seem serious, but you can stand out and look laid-back and relaxed if paired with pants that are light colored. 

Round neck shirts are great if paired with shorts. For the women, tank tops with shorts paired with leather sandals are always a winner. T-shirts and round necks will always work with any jeans regardless of the occasion. The simplicity of these shirts is a wear that can be easily paired with any styled jeans. You may also pair these shirts with jackets that complement each other’s colors.



One of the things that I love about GB Wear is that the colors of the shirts are safe colors. It almost always works with anyone regardless of skin tone. White is always a safe choice. It’s clean looking, casual and classy. It’s also the most comfortable color, since the color white absorbs less heat. Perfect for that hot day at the beach.

But the rule of thumb of color matching with skin tone is this: dark toned skin work best if paired with neutral earth colors such as white, brown, gray. Light skin works best with bright colors.


Watch Out for Too Many Logos

I love the Gracie Barra Logo. It’s one of the simplest looking logos out there that works. We know that you love it too! However, wearing too many logos can strike a bit unbalanced in your GB wear. Unless it’s your walk-out shirt on your tournament (on which everybody will definitely be ecstatic seeing you rock shirts with our team’s logo in it),  keep logos to a minimum of a couple. One at the front, and a small one at the back. It keeps your clothes balanced and toned down.


GB Sweatshirts

Wearing GB sweatshirts always works in any casual wear. Sweatshirts are generally universal must-haves. It’s comfortable and has a dual purpose: looks good and keeps you warm. Typically, if you’re the type who can rock it even in the office during casual Fridays, by all means go for it. If someone asks what Gracie Barra is about, grab that chance to share with them and invite them to come over for a free class. Training is always great when you’re with people that you know.