GB Technique: Escapes and Counter Attacks

This week on GB Technique we are looking at techniques and principles for escapes and counter attacks as taught by one of Gracie Barra’s top instructors Professor Bryan Waltz of Gracie Barra Colorado Springs
One of the most important skills to have in jiu-jitsu is the ability to defend our opponent’s attacks and escape a bad position. our first several years of training we are more likely to be defending than applying submission and so most of our learning with be focused on defense.
The next level in defense is being able to defend and then immediately transition to our own counter attack. Transitioning to our own attack is a higher level of jiu-jitsu strategy.
When our opponent is focused on their own attack, they open up the possibility of a sneaky counter attack.
Let’s check out several different types of counter attack strategies with Gracie Barra Colorado Springs’ Prof. Bryan Waltz.
1) Guillotine Escape
We have seen many matches end in a Guillotine Choke submission. The Gracie Barra Colorado Springs head instructor shows us how to nullify the opponent’s choke and counter with a choke of our own.

2) Ankle Lock Defense
Prof. Bryan Waltz teaches some key points to defend the straight footlock and counter attack with our own omoplata

3) Kimura Escape
You have to love how Prof. Waltz turns his escapes into a submission attack against his opponent.

4) Armbar Counter to Kesa-Gatame with Underhook
Escaping the bottom from heavy top pressure, Prof. Bryan counters with a sneaky arm lock.

5) Omoplata Counter with Toe Hold
Professor Bryan demonstrates a couple submission counters to the popular omoplata attack

What is your favorite counter attack technique?
Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia