BJJ Lifestyle: Dealing With Injuries

The more you advance in the sport, the more you can possibly become prone to injuries. It is one of the realities of the art. Any contact sport runs the risk of causing injuries. It’s perfectly fine. Although the contradiction of “fine” as normal to BJJ can be quite ambiguous to some.


Top level martial artists deal with injuries. And they deal with their injuries the same way they deal with their own disciplines. They deal with it like a warrior.

Here are some tips on dealing with sports related injuries:

Take some time off

Yes. There is much time needed away from the sport. It’s obvious. As much as you would want to get back in the game, you shouldn’t. The mind is willing but the body is not. Take time off to draw up a game plan.

Get professional help

1098347_10201861283643915_1110609969_nHome grown remedies can work, but getting professional help can do more. The professional has spent years rehabilitating athletes, providing therapeutic healing. Your best bet to get back as soon as you can is through a doctor.

Slowly get back in the game

Don’t push it too much. Yes you are recovering. We know that you want to go all out, shine bright, with guns a-blazing, but doing it that way will do more damage.

Have a recovery plan

Convalescing needs a plan. Your body has its own as well. But making a schedule for therapy sessions and what-not can do you more good. Have a plan on who to contact for your therapy, how long it would take, and how much it would cost.

Give more time to high-risk injuries 

1656258_10152225954046913_1244224296_nHigh risk injuries such as neck injuries, leg injuries, and shoulder injuries will require more time to heal. Follow the doctor’s advice. If the doctor says you cannot train yet, take his word.

Stay healthy.

You will gain weight. Yes. But make sure it’s healthy weight. Make sure that you are still watching what you eat. Being injured doesn’t give you a reason to  go all out binging on those evil cookies! Try to keep the same diet as while you are training.