BJJ Lifestyle: Setting your Defining Moment

How do you want to be remembered in your legacy as a BJJ artist? Stop for a while and think about how you think you will be defined. Would you want to be remembered as someone who has done everything that he can, not only to support the art, but also to promote it? Do you want to be someone who has won numerous awards in BJJ? Or do you want to simply be a person who is just “hanging out at the gym”?


Your defining moment is what will set you apart from the common stock. Yes, there are a lot of people who are doing BJJ, but are these people really after a moment where they will be remembered?

Read on.

A defining moment is when you make your mark. In its simplest form, you create a defining moment. Every action will lead to your defining moment.

#1: Be mindful of your actions

GB JiuJitsu CompetitorAs a BJJ artist, are you mindful of your actions? Is your action clearly defined towards of your goal of becoming one of the best BJJ artists out there? Do your actions speak of the lifestyle that BJJ dictates? Think about it. When you step into the gym, and put on your Gi, do you start to be a person who walks the talk?

#2: Define yourself as someone who walks the talk

We are not telling you to become overly obsessed with the art, but it would be great to actually be a person who takes the lifestyle more seriously. When we speak of our defining moment, we speak of a person who walks the talk and who lives and breathes in the art.

#3: Define yourself as a goal setter

Jiu Jitsu LifestyleTo make a mark, you have to find a mark and hit it. It sounds easy, but it’s actually daunting. There are challenges to be faced in the world of BJJ. And there is just a lot of work to be done in BJJ – there are hundreds of hours to burn on the mats, there are tons of sweat to be poured out. When you become a BJJ artist, and have set goals about grabbing that moment where you will define yourself in this sport, you are closer to becoming one of the best there is.

#4: Define yourself as an ambassador

Share. Please. Seriously. It’s an art that is best shared with a lot of people. It’s an art best kept in the open. Share your experience. How it has changed you both physically and mentally. Show the world that we have the best art form when it comes to martial arts. Define yourself as a person who is an advocate of the art.

#5: Define yourself as a source of good energy

"Gracie Barra Gracie Jiu-Jitsu"BJJ is good energy. It’s a gentle art that uses the body and the mind altogether. The energy we put out is positive energy. Define yourself as someone who is a source of energy. Master Carlos Gracie Jr. talks about being a source of positive vibes to all who surround you. Do this by always trying to wish goodwill to others.