Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle: BJJ and Kids

We have heard stories of kids that were bullied in the past. And we have seen success with Gracie Barra’s Anti Bullying Program with hundreds of kids bully-proof. This is what Gracie Barra aims for; a bully free world.

Statistics show that 78% of bullied kids show a 17 point decline in their grades. Almost half of these bullied kids become troubled adolescents upon reaching 16. The statistics alone shows that bullying has a direct effect towards growth and personal development.

10167977_655455474503405_8018616769599994647_nCan Jiu-Jitsu save the kids from getting bullied?

The answer can be quite difficult to uphold. As of now, there are no studies yet proving that the art of BJJ fixes it. However, let me give you a glimpse of what happens if they get into the anti-bullying program. For one thing, they become confident. Having kids learn the art of BJJ will give them that added boost. When we teach kids to learn something new and become good at it, self-esteem goes up, self-belief reinforcement is improved. Martial arts does that.

Kids Need Role Models

Have you ever had someone you look up to? Someone that you have always wanted to become like? In BJJ (and in any martial arts) there are a lot of role models. And these role models are one of the best role models pose as mentors and guides for the students.

13426440895_109df58be5_bKids Need Physical Activities

Kids nowadays are becoming less physically active. With technology becoming  more accessible, the idea of a kid going out to play under the sun seemed like an unattractive idea. But helping kids become more physical is beneficial for them. They become more resistant to diseases, they are become well-rounded individuals. Kids who grow up knowing martial arts become well-rounded individuals,

Competition brings out the best in us and especially on kids

Martial arts is a competitive sport. Inside the mats, kids learn how to become competitive. In a positive sense, when kids learn to compete, we are instilling them lessons such as hardwork, diligence, respect, modesty in winning and grace in defeat.

14199145453_30bfb0892b_bWe are note telling you to get your kids to BJJ, But probably somehow, when you find yourself reading up to the end of this article, you are thinking about getting signed up. If you enjoy the thrill and the challenges of BJJ, then I bet that your kids will do too. =)

Jiu-Jitsu for everyone!