Fundamental to the Gentle Art: Be Welcoming

Look back and think of those people who first introduced you to Jiu-Jitsu. Think of the individuals who helped you to embrace Gracie Barra – and who positively influenced your own training journey. There is a certain quality that is necessary to draw people into the excitement and possibilities of living the Jiu-Jitsu way of life with Gracie Barra as a backbone of that. We can refer to this quality as GB Charisma. In essence, it is your ability to be welcoming, to draw in the hearts and minds of those who want to learn more about the gentle art.

Becoming a Part of the Gracie Barra Family

You build your school and further the mission of Gracie Barra when you enthusiastically and genuinely encourage others to become a part of the GB family. The ICP5 gives a great example of the giving the best first impression and building that GB family, demonstrated by the actions of Master Carlos Gracie Jr and the atmosphere he wanted to exist at all GB Schools.

Bringing that atmosphere to our schools is about the ability to do two important things:


Give an Amazing First Impression

Have you heard of the following old expression?

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