Be Knowledgeable

As part of GB Charisma we learn to understand how important it is to ‘be knowledgeable’. But just learning about things is not enough. To be truly knowledgeable we have to understand how these things fit together and your role in providing the big picture to your staff and students.

More Than Just the Facts

Yes – teachers and instructors of any topic need to have knowledge. However, did you ever try to learn something from someone who just did not seem to care about the information? Or more importantly, maybe they just did not seem to care about you?

Herein lies a fundamental difference in how Gracie Barra approaches the aspect of GB Charisma that tells us to be knowledgeable. We understand that knowing is not enough – your students need to trust your knowledge – and you as their Instructor. How do you get them trust that you are their support system at school? That you have strong, dedicated knowledge to share with them, especially at the GB¹ level?



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