The Difference Between the Amateur and the Pro



Have you been into BJJ for a long time? If so, have you ever wondered why you haven’t moved up the ranks, or at least have won gold in any tourney? Are you tired of training; feeling a bit unsuccessful in BJJ. Well, you have stumbled upon an article that can save you. So READ on.

There is a difference between an amateur and a pro. In any field, regardless if its in business, or employment, the difference between the amateur and the pro draws the line on becoming successful. And I say this with so much conviction. Decide to at least act like a pro. I am pretty sure that you will notice the difference in your game.

jjfeveryDifference #1: the Goals

Pros have a specific goal in mind. They just do not want to be awarded the black belt, they expect to be a black belt and set goals and plan on how to get it. If they say that they give themselves 7 years to get the black belt, all of their actions and support their goals.

Difference #2: Routine

Pros have routines. Think of a change of routine as a tweak to your already existing one. If your routine is to wake up late in the day and not do cardio, how about sleeping early to wake up early and do a few laps around the block.

Difference #2: Complaining

Yes. Pros complain less. Jiu-Jitsu can be stressful at times, and can frustrate anyone. Advance training can lead to sore muscles. But complaining about it will not help. There is a psychological issue about complaining: it reinforces the negative. Whenever we complain, we beat ourselves down further. and It’s not healthy.

delDifference #3; Diet

We have read about it, and seen the results. The question is: why aren’t you still doing it. Pros have a healthy diet plan. It’s a fact. When we eat healthy, we function healthy. When we function healthy, we perform at our best. What we put inside our bodies is what we become. Food directly affects our system. Try to research on the best kinds of foods that is good for you.

Difference #4: Pros prepare

A big competition is on the way. The big day is coming. Pros prepare. They devise a game plan. Pros focus on being on the top of their game. They work on their cardio, submission, etc. They prepare because they want to win. Every pro athlete does this. They spend extra hours in the gym. They are hard on themselves. Pros believe that hard work pays off. They work now to be able to play later.