21 Days to Better Jiu-Jitsu Habits- Day 3

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Let’s Talk About Our Bodies and Confidence

Our bodies have a direct effect on the way we think. In a video by social psychologist Amy Cuddy, in her research proposes that our bodies can affect the way we think about ourselves. In my recent article in Gracie Barra, I’ve stated that our postures greatly contribute to changes in our hormone levels. Where testosterone is direct related to confidence, dominance etc. Cortisol on the other hand, is directly related to stress. This is practically the science behind confidence.

In her experiment, Dr. Amy Cuddy had a number of participants go to a room, and measured their hormone level through saliva. She eventually asked the participants to do power poses. After two minutes, the participants show an increase in their testosterone level.

Our performance in the mats is greatly affected by our confidence level. Confident people take more risks by adding an air of self-belief that they can do anything and accomplish greatness. Use the knowledge to your advantage. Where our bodies can properly dictate.

Try this beginning todaybjj

Come to the gym early, notice the photos plastered on the walls of Gracie Barra. Notice the black belts pose. Are they power posing. Rarely do we see a black belt sporting a posture so small that it makes them less dominant.

Before hitting the mats, do a power pose. Stretch out and be wide. Do this for two minutes before engaging in a grappling spar. I’ve done it and it has greatly improved my game. With more practice, you’ll be able to do this automatically. Now, think of the technique that you have always felt you are incapable of executing. And tell yourself that you will be able to pull it off because of the new confidence technique you’ve learned today!

This is for your 3rd of developing better Jiu-Jitsu habits.

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