Takedowns For Jiu-jitsu

Wrestling and Judo are heavily focused on takedown techniques and jiu-jitsu fighters would do well to study these disciplines. However, there are differences in the rules of the respective sports which lead to techniques that are successful in one sport being dangerous (in terms of risk of surrendering points) in another grappling sport.
That is why jiu-jitsu competitors must have a slightly different focus on their takedown techniques. So which takedowns should the jiu-jitsu student focus on?

Let’s see how some top Gracie Barra instructors control the standup and get the takedown against their opponents.

1) Osoto Gari / Outside Hook Takedown
This trip is one of the most versatile takedown techniques that work in self defense, no-gi and especially with gi grips. Trips are very effective for both beginners and black belts alike.

2) Shoulder Throw / Queda de Mão / Eri Seoi Nague
The shoulder throw or Seionage in Judo is one of the fundamental takedowns that also scores at the highest levels of international competition. Every jiu-jitsu fighter should know the shoulder throw and Prof. Marcio Feitosa shows a variation here that is especially good for jiu-jitsu.

3) Fireman’s Carry / Técnica de queda – Kata Guruma
Prof. Thiago shows a takedown that has been around for as long as humans have been standing upright and grappling. The Kata Guruma (trans: Shoulder Wheel in Japanese) involves getting underneath your opponent and “wheeling” them over your shoulders.

4) Single Leg takedown
Prof. AJ Agazarm is one of Gracie Barra’s top competitors and is famous for his single leg. What better person to teach us the set up and details of the single leg takedown?

5) Advanced : Collar Drag to Single Leg / Collardrag Em Pé
Scoring a takedown against a fighter who is in a strong defensive stance is very difficult. Prof. Marcio Feitosa demonstrates an explosive collar drag that breaks the opponent’s balance to the front leading to a single leg takedown.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia
Instagram: markmullen.bjj