Offensive Game Friday: Omaplata from the Spider Guard

Who Doesn’t Love Professor Draculino?

Seriously! He’s gotta to be one of the most well-decorated, respected and best instructor in the west. Fast talking, direct, and very amiable at the same time. A well reputed fighter and competitor, Prof. Vinicius (his real name) is a direct student of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

His world famous Gracie Barra school in Texas sports black belt instructors and one of the best striking coaches.

In this video, Prof. Draculino explains how to set up an Omaplata from the Spider Guard. In our previous video, we explained that the spider guard is a defensive position that utilizes the sleeve grip and the legs.

Here’s the breakdown of the technique:

Step 1: Establish control to set up your Oma Plata. Manipulate while gripping the sleeve.

Step 2: You may push your opponent using your legs. Again, grip the sleeves.

Step 3: Pull your opponent towards you. Getting your leg over the targeted arm!

Step 4: Secure the hold by doing a triangle  over the arm.

Step 5: If your opponent tries to spin his way,

Step 6: Slide back to increase leverage towards the shoulder.


Here’s the complete video.

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