Learn the Triangle from the Spider Guard

Spider Guard Attack

The Spider guard is most effective if done with the gi. Essentially, the technique relies on your legs to keep your opponents attack at bay. By utilizing great balance between gripping and positioning your legs against the elbows.  Needless to say, you’ve got to have strong and flexible legs to boot.

Professor Flavio Almeida of Gracie Barra Dana Point and San Clemente explains the technique. The takeaways for this move are distraction and speed. Distract your opponent by keeping him in the guard; making him focus on his own balance before landing in the attack.

Step 1: Control your opponent by leveraging with your legs. Using your leg as a fulcrum point to your opponent’s elbow. Notice that that by elevating his elbow and keeping his hands, you are keeping your opponent focus on his balance.


Step 2: While distracted, sneak in the leg from the inside. This is to set up your triangle choke.


Step 3: Slide your main foot (the one on the elbow up. Interlock it with the other leg.


Step 4: (taken from another angle) Secure the hold. Remember: position before submission.


Here’s the complete video:


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