GB Technique :  The Guillotine Choke


This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at one of the most common submissions in NoGi, self defense and MMA jiu-jitsu – the Guillotine Choke.


The Guillotine (pronounced ghee – oh – teen) is one of the most successful finishes in professional MMA and merits every jiu-jitsu student learning the correct application of the choke. If you have spent any time studying street fight videos on YouTube you will quickly see how instinctive to is to grab the opponent’s head and neck in a physical altercation, so the Guillotine is important for self defense as well as sport competition.


in this article we will focus on the different ways we can enter in to the Guillotine choke from different ground and standing positions.


Let’s take a look at some variations of the Guillotine as demonstrated by some of the best Gracie Barra black belt instructors.


1) Guillotine and Kimura From Guard

Joe Scarola shows a classic attack combination from the guard that is one of the most common way to attack the Guillotine.


2) Guillotine Choke from Collar Tie

The front headlock entry to  Guillotine Choke is one of the entries we see most often in NoGi. Prof. Flavio shows the key details to getting the grip on the neck.


3) Ninja Roll Guard Pass into Guillotine From Mount

It is common to catch the Guillotine from the guard or turtle but we see that we can also finish from mount also (especially when the opponent rolls to try to escape).


4) Guillotine from Side Control / GUILHOTINA 

Prof. Kleber “BUIÚ” shows a way to set up the “GUILHOTINA” when your opponent goes to escape side control. Catching the submission in a transition is an advanced submission strategy.


5) Guillotine Escape

How do we escape when our opponent gets a strong grip on our neck? This technique from Professor Bryan Waltz of Gracie Barra Colorado Springs shows how.




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Credits: Mark Mullen 

Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia