GB Technique : The ArmBar – Juji Gatame



This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at one of the techniques most loved by jiu-jitsu students: attacking the straight arm bar (aka Juji Gatame in the Japanese terminology).


There are many different types of arm lock but this variation is characterized by having your legs across the opponent’s upper body and attacking the elbow with your hips. The arm bar can be attacked from many different positions and combine with other attacks. This straight arm bar works for beginners and at the highest levels of competition.


If you understand that you may enter into the straight arm bar from many different positions, you will always pose a submission threat to your opponent.


Let’s take a look at some variations of the straight arm bar as demonstrated by some of the best Gracie Barra black belt instructors.


1) Mounted Arm lock

The arm bar from top mount maybe the first submission you learn in jiu-jitsu. Prof. Nao Takigawa threatens the collar choke, forcing the opponent to expose their arm when they defend. They either will get choked or give the arm!


2) Spinning Armbar – Side control to Far Side Arm

Prof. Flavio Almeida of GB North Phoenix shows an effective arm bar set up from side control. This technique involves a different leg position than the standard 2 legs over in the arm lock cross body position.


3) Side control to Near Side Arm / ATAQUE LATERAL COM ARM LOCK

I love this sneaky arm bar from Prof. Carlos Liberi! Your opponent is not likely to anticipate your arm bar attack on their near side arm from side control (the opposite situation as the previous video of spinning arm bar from Prof. Flavio).


4) Arm bar finish from closed guard

The arm bar from the guard is one of the most potent attacks from the guard in both gi and no-gi. Gracie Barra Long Island’s Adam De Oliveira teaches step by step how to finish the arm bar from your back.


5) Arm bar from the triangle

Prof. Draculino shows us how to armbar from guard after your opponent defends the triangle attack. Submission masters combine their attacks when the opponent defends the initial attack and exposes a secondary arm bar attack.



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Credits: Mark Mullen 

Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia

Instagram: markmullen.bjj